How to: Visa for Spouse of a Japanese National (Temporary Visit)

I am less busy today so I feel like writing about Spouse visa. It’s not what you think it is. It’s actually called Visa for Spouse of a Japanese National (Temporary Visit). It’s a tourist visa which is only for those who have a Japanese spouse with a long term visa status living in the Philippines and has submitted a report of residency (Zairyu Todoke) at the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines. My husband has just applied for 13 A visa recently and you can read my post about it here. He has also submitted a report of residency (Zairyu Todoke) online as instructed by the consulate officer when we paid a visit one time. They told him that any updates done with them would cause us to visit the consulate each time we wanted or needed any changes. However, if we opted to do it online (which is convenient) we could do other updates online as well. Not bad for busy folks like us.


Yesterday , (Wednesday) I got my visa granted for the second time. The agency sent an email to my husband and a text message (to me) informing me that my visa was granted. My father in law was my guarantor the first time we applied for my visa and this time around, it’s my husband who guarantee for the trip. It is an eight day vacation in Kobe with our little munchkin. We are going to attend my brother in law’s wedding which I heard was a fabulous one, have a Buddhism Ceremony for Kai, meet a friend, and do a kind of simulation on how is it really like to live in Japan. Exciting! And scary.

I’m going to share here everything we did to prepare for the visa. It felt like it’s a lot easier than the previous one.

Last 31st of May, 2017 we applied for my ‘spouse’ visa. The last time we applied for it was in June 2015. It was a Tourist Visa with a Guarantor. I was able to get my visa granted in five days from the time of the application. You may check my post here.

The agency we used way back in 2015 was Friendship Tours Manila which was in Dusit Thani hotel, Makati City. Fortunately, they have their branch in Cebu, where we are currently living. At the agency, a Japanese representative collected our documents. My husband and she had a conversation regarding the documents and processing. She checked each, but I was just quite surprised when she removed the receipt of the birth and married certificates. According to the embassy website, the birth and married certificates should not be one year older from the time of its release. I just got those recently and only the receipts would prove that those certificates were recent. She probably knew what she was doing. I was asked to sign a piece of paper which has the rules of the agency.  Anyways, the time we spent there took less than 20 minutes, I guess. We were informed that the documents and the passports would be shipped to the Japan Embassy in Manila that day, Wednesday, and it would arrive Friday. The process would take five to seven working days.


  • passport (My passport was just renewed and they asked me to submit my old passport as well)
  • visa application form which you may download online or acquire at the embassy or your chosen agency.
  • photo 4.5×4.5 white background taken within 6 months
  • NSO birth certificate (1 year)
  • Marriage Certificate since I’m married
  • Explanation letter/reason to enter
  • photocopy of my husband’s passport (all pages with stamps)
  • ACR card
  • My husband’s certificate of employment
  • His ITR certificate

Additional documents I included, not required though

  • CFO
  • Photocopy of my PRC license
  • flight ticket

We applied Wednesday and received the visa in seven (7) days. I’ll be posting about our trip soon!


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10 thoughts on “How to: Visa for Spouse of a Japanese National (Temporary Visit)

  1. Hi!

    Your blog is really helpful. I have some questions here 🙂

    * I have been to Japan for 2 weeks this year (via visit a friend visa) and planning to go back to Japan this year’s end for 30 days via “Tourist visa/Visit a friend visa” (my boyfriend will be my sponsor), meron bang additional requirements if mag 30 days sa Japan? mas higpit ba if mag request ng 30 days?
    * Enough na ba ang 15/30 days via Tourist Visa/Visit a friend visa para magpa kasal sa Japan? If so, anong mga requiremens kailangan dalhin magpakasal?
    * Ok lang ba na hindi ko i-state sa reason of visit na magpapakasal kami? i-state ko lng na sightseeing, etc to avoid aadditional requirements like cfo, or proof of non-marriage? Baka mas complicated kasi if i-state ko na mag papaksal ako sa Japan.
    * After magpakasal, kailangan pa bang bumalik sa Philippines for some processing?
    * Makakakuha na ba ako ng spouse visa after I got married in Japan?
    * How long is the whole process to get married in Japan? Saan mas madali magpa kasal, sa Japan or Philippines?

    Hope you can help me 🙂 Thanks


    1. Hi abby,

      1. Going back to japan d second time, less requiremnts n lng but havng been there once does not guarantee that ur visa will be granted d second time

      2. Im not sure how long u need if u want to get married there. Im sure, if u seek professional help from agencies, they hav better answers but im sure 1 month is not enough to prepare necessary docs. I got married n d phils not in japan coz we were too overwhelm wth d process sa japan.

      3. U cant really avoid cfo. Even if u migrated to another country with ur foreign spouse, once u return to the Phils for whatever purpose ex. Visit, u will be asked to get the certificate. It has the half day ‘seminar’. They wil also giv u a sticker at the airport. Cenomar is necessary. If u get married in japan, u wil need a certicate of eligibility and one of d requiremnts is the cenomar. Same goes if assuming ur partner is japanese and he wants to marry u in d phils, he will need a cert of eligibity from the embassy or consulate.

      4. If ur eligble to get married and stay n japan, u dont really need to come back. U can report ur marriage sa embassy but u need another cert of eligbility in order to stay in japan for a long time or for residential status.

      5. Spouse visa in japan means only TOURIST VISA for filipinos with japanese spouse. I believe u meant Visa with Eligibility. This one takes months to process bcoz of the certfcate needed.

      6. I dont know how long it takes to do it in japan but in my personal opinion and experience, its easier done here. U can do a civil wedding here if u want. Do it at a city hall and do a ceremony in Japan. Legally, u are married but just doing the ceremony n japan with friends n fam.

      Good luck!


      1. Hi! Thank you for responding. 🙂

        1. Why were you overwhelmed sa processing sa Japan? Mas complicated ba ang processing of marriage between Japanese & Filipino doon?
        2. You mentioned na “Spouse Visa in Japan means only tourist visa for Filipinos”, If so, how long can I be able to stay in Japan through this visa? Pwede bang ma extend?
        3. How many months to get the COE? Let’s say, while nag Spouse Visa ako sa Japan, I’ll also be waiting for the COE there.
        4. We’re only planning to have our marriage legally in City Hall in Japan, no ceremony yet. How long is the whole process of your marriage in the Philippines?
        5. Anong mga documents ang kailangan i-ready if magpapakasal sa Japan? & anong documents kailanagan ipa red ribbon? para madali nlng ang processing.


  2. Hello. I just got married to a japanese national and my husband wanted to process a temporary visit visa but our problem is we don’t have marraige certificate from nso yet but we do have MC from LCR. Do you think agency and embassy will accept MC from LCR? And do i habe to change my passport and use my husband’s family name?


    1. Hi Tess, I don’t really know about ur current ‘NSO status’. After getting married, we also ddnt have NSO docs immediately available but at that time, we went to Thailand. I used my old passport with my maiden name. We booked the ticket with my maiden name as well. Regarding NSO, I suggest u seek advice from ur chosen agency since Japan requires visa and in order to obtain one, u will need documents such as NSO papers. I am pretty sure they will suggest alternatives. Good luck!


      1. Thank you for your reply. Your blogs are really informative. I’ve read all of them . I’ve done the marriage registration process both in civil registrar and consular office of japan in cebu. I have few questions: 1.Was your status in passport already changed to married when you applied for temporary visa? I’m anxious because I want to change mine but it takes a long time because cebu passport appointment is already full till November and I want to go next month. Is it easier to have visa approved if I use my husband’s family name in passport? I once denied already when I applied for tourist visa and I want to be very careful this time. 2. Do I have to wait for NSO marriage certificate since it is needed in processing visa? Agencies accept marraige certificate from Local Civil Registrar but it sounds authentic if from NSO.


      2. Hi Tess, When I changed my passport name, I hired an agency. Fortune Travel in Cebu. I believe DFA give spots to agencies.

        1. The second time I applied for my visa, I was already carrying my husband’s fam name. It is not guaranteed even if ur fam name is already japanese.

        BTW, have u recvd the confirmation of the regstration of ur marriage in Japan? That also is a big help. Ur name will appear in their family regstration.

        2. U can apply for electronic endorsement for ur marriage cert to make the process fast.

        Good luck!


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