How to: Application for Japanese Citizenship (half Japanese half Filipino Baby)

When Kai was just 3 weeks old, we went to Japan Consul here in Cebu for his Japanese citizenship. Since he was born in the Philippines, he obtained Filipino citizenship. A new born baby between Japanese and Philippines couple must be reported no later than 3 months after birth directly to the Japanese city hall or through the Embassy/ Consul of Japan in the Philippines.  My husband was the one who prepared the documents and did the talking. It did not take long. In fact, less than 30 minutes. Let me share here on how we did it.


  • birth certificate (NSO or CERTIFIED TRUE COPY) with Japanese translation
  • Birth registration application form available at the Embassy/Consul of Japan.
  • Koseki Tohon (Family register), or its copy, to confirm the family relationship

My husband was the one who registered our son. If the Filipino partner is the one who will do the process, there are other necessary document that are needed. You may check the website of the embassy of Japan here.


My mother, my husband and I went to the consul in the morning. The process took less than 30 minutes. They checked the information we provided and informed us to wait for 2 months for the approval. Kai’s Japanese citizenship became official in February as confirmed by my mother in law.

binibining cinnamon


2 thoughts on “How to: Application for Japanese Citizenship (half Japanese half Filipino Baby)

  1. konichiwa! binibining cinnamon, tanong ko lang po. yung anak ng ante ko is half japanese at dito pinanganak sa JP. kaso hindi pa namin nare.register kasi di pa sila nakakapag decide ng citizenship ng bata. gusto po ng ante ko dual citizenship. yung baby nyo po ba dual? kapag po ba nag 18 ang bata mawawala naba JP citizenship nya kapag nag stay sya diyan sa PH?


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