How to: My Baby’s Certificate of Live Birth & NSO Birth Certificate

It has been eight weeks and one day since Kai’s birth. My last post was about my 2 week breastfeeding journey, and here I am making another post and feeling like a million bucks. I feel confident again as a parent, less tired and much happier. After giving birth, the next three months is very important. Kai is half Japanese and half Filipino. We have to register him as a citizen of the Philippines and a citizen of Japan. I was lucky to have my mother processed most of the necessary documents for us. I can only imagine how exhausting it would have been if I had been the one who did it. Kai would have been crying while waiting for his milk and my boobs would have been leaking or worse, engorged. As I have mentioned in my earlier post, I have milk oversupply and forced let down that limit me to be out without my baby.

Today I’m going to talk about the process of Certificate of Live Birth and NSO Birth Certificate.



The next day of Kai’s birthday, my husband gave the form which I filled out with our son’s information at the medical records in the hospital where I gave birth. It could have been done the same day I delivered Kai but we were too exhausted to do so. There was a 24 hour allotted time so we took advantage of it and rest while we still had the privilege. My husband received a copy of our LO’s Certificate of Live Birth. This was just a copy and cannot be used in any legal process.

2. CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH (uncertified/ no stamp).

My mother (with an authorization letter) was the one who claimed Kai’s uncertified certificate ( No stamp with CERTIFIED TRUE COPY) of live birth at Cebu Doctor’s Hospital 3 weeks after my son’s arrival.


She went to the City Health Office where she was able to have my baby’s Certificate of Live Birth certified (stamped). She requested six copies (she photocopied first) to be authenticated and each cost 50 pesos. The application for electronic endorsement was 4 days later. They instructed her to go to PSA in 3-4 days. Early endorsement is encouraged. According to them, it will only take 3 weeks before Kai’s Certificate of Live Birth is released and will take 6 months if an electronic endorsement is not requested.


Four days ago, my mother returned to PSA to request for  an electronic endorsement of  her grand son’s birth certificate. They did not charge her anything. A payment will be done on the day of the release. They gave her the endorsement form with Kai’s certificate of live birth attached. I will have to make a follow up of the status through their provided telephone numbers three weeks to one month after the request . If the request is approved, I may be able to file a copy for SECPA at the PSA Outlet here in Cebu.


Yesterday, I called PSA to make a follow up of DS’s (dear son) birth certificate. It was a relief to hear that everything was OK and I could get a copy of it anytime at their outlet.


Today was my husband’s off so we decided to claim Kai’s birth certificate. It took us less than a minute to request for the birth certificate. Any parent with an infant was a priority and was allowed to take advantage of the express lane. In fact, the same goes with elderly, pregnant and PWD. They asked to see my ID for identification. After the request, we were instructed to return in 2 hour to claim the copy of the birth certificate. We also made a request of our marriage certificate. Each cost 140 pesos. We had lunch first then return to PSA to claim the document. My name was called 30 minutes after I gave them the receipt which I received upon paying. Before they handed the certificate over, they asked for my ID for another identification and my signature.


And we’re done!

Good Morning!



23 thoughts on “How to: My Baby’s Certificate of Live Birth & NSO Birth Certificate

  1. Hi! I already have a CTC of my baby’s birth certificate from the LCR. Should I apply for electronic endorsement through LCR or directly at NSO/PSA? Thank You!


  2. Hi! I already have a CTC of my baby’s birth certificate from the LCR. Should I apply for eletronic endorsement through the LCR or direct to NSO/PSA? Thanks!


  3. Hi. The Hospital staff only gave me a photocopy of my child’s certificate of live birth. How to get the original copy or certified true copy of live birth? Is it the one with SECPA (security paper) ? Thanks!


  4. Good pm, i would just like to ask, aboit when can i get my new born’s baby NSO? His born on oct 11, is it possible that i can get my child’s nso birth certificate 1 month after? Thanks


  5. How can i apply for birth certificate for new born baby w/o any medical records from hospital because my wife she birth our baby only our house and with the help of my sister a registered midwife. What is the first process?


  6. Can i still file for electronic endorsement if i submitted my documents at LCR one month ago? Our LCR told me that they will be the one who will sent it in PSA and I can get a copy of my baby’s NSO after 4 months.. Thanks 😊


  7. Hi! I’m Jill Castillo, a writer for I’m currently doing a story on what pregnant moms should expect when getting their child’s birth certificate. I’d like to get in touch with you and learn more about the process you went through for it. Will this be okay? Thanks so much!


  8. Hi! After birth of baby, how long is the wait for an NSO copy to be ready? I already have Certified true copies from the local registry but I need an NSO certified one. Thank you for your help!


  9. Ill be giving birth in the philippines too for my japinoy child, gonna bring the baby back to japan with me 3 months after birth. Can i ask how long does the whole process took you to get your son’s philippine passport?


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