Meet the Parents (Home Maternity Shoot)


One thing that excites me about being pregnant is seeing the bump seems to be growing every day. The first thing I do as soon as I get out of bed is to check my belly in the mirror. My bump did not show until I was approaching my third trimester. I wanted to wear those cute maternity dresses so bad that I usually window shop for them. I even asked myself, “am I really pregnant? I just looked like I ate 8 slices of pizza.” I never looked pregnant and because of it, I did not get those special treatment for preggos in the bank or waiting area during my first and second trimester. There was one time when I visited the clinic for my regular check up and the woman looked at my belly  then my face then my belly again as if she was trying to x-ray vision me to see if I was really pregnant after I handed my prenatal book to the secretary. It was a weird feeling and a frustration for me that I wanted to look pregnant. Then third trimester happened. My baby bear is unstoppable. He continuously grows everyday. I appreciate the days when I still felt light as a feather, painless mornings, no back, groin, and pelvic pressure.

37 week and 2 days (thank God for bio oil, no stretch marks!)

As my belly grows, I documented it every week. I never miss a week. It’s amazing to see the progress I have made from the beginning of this journey. I  wanted to do a maternity shoot but I didn’t want to spend 5000 pesos (100 USD) on just pictures. Yes, your read it right. I asked a professional photographer and he gave me this unbelievable price. I said without a doubt, NOPE. I’d rather use the money to buy clothes for my little one. Still I wanted to do this shoot so bad but I have been too sore to go any where even now that I am making this post. Then I thought of asking my husband last night and he was agreeable to my request. Yay! So, after his work I prepared our camera (SONY), put on some make up, change clothes. I only wanted him to take my pictures but I thought this pregnancy is not just about me. It is  a celebration of us being soon to be parents. The blue shirts we were wearing were a random choice. Since we are having a boy, WHY NOT? Nobody was there to take our photos, so we just set the timer and got silly  in front of the lens with our best smile.

My husband didn’t really have a choice but to do whatever I asked him to, but he was so into it and actually did really amazing. I’m very happy that not only he has been the greatest support in this pregnancy but also the pictures turned great. ^^



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