My Precious Little Man

It has been quite a journey. This whole pregnancy feels like it’s taking forever. I am now in my 37th week of pregnancy. Fifty percent of this period has been relatively easy for me. I could run every errand I used to do prior to getting pregnant. I could lift the same heavy stuff and walked fast not until this excruciating Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction gave me the worst agony of my life. At first, the pain was tolerable. It was when I reached my 36th week and I started having my worst nightmare. My husband literally has to lift me in order for me to get out of bed every night or morning and has to help me dress myself. I am very grateful to him for being with me this whole time. He makes sure that he is with me even on my regular prenatal check up. Having the urge to pee in the middle of the night was a torture. The pain was horrible I could cry blood. Not to mention the UTI I got in my first trimester. On the bright side of this whole agony, there is a priceless joy. Knowing that despite this pain, a beautiful human is inside me waiting for the right time to have his debut. And I would do this  a hundred times if I had to just for the love of my precious little man.

precious at 28 weeks

It’s funny how a single photo of a tiny little baby can somewhat diminish all the sufferings and discomfort I have in my body.

precious at 28 weeks

This is my first pregnancy. For some reason, I have no fear delivering my son, for now. I have watched tons of videos of the bravest mothers who have brought their babies into this world. Delivery is scary. Anything could happen but I always tell myself that if others can do it then there is no reason for me not to be able to do the same. Women’s body is made for this and I am ready to fulfill my duty as a mother. And that is to bring my child into this world. As much as possible I want to deliver my first child naturally without any epidural, induction or any medical intervention. I’m really counting on raspberry leaf tea and dates in giving me the most tolerable pain during delivery. I have been religiously drinking RLT since 32 weeks of my pregnancy and eating dates since last week (36 weeks).  Many people have claimed that these two are ‘magical’ although some have claimed as well that there is no scientific evidence that RLT and dates can make the delivery easy. Nevertheless, there is no harm in trying.

37 weeks

It has been tough but my husband and I are so looking forward to seeing our precious little man very soon. Hopefully next week!



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