Visa for Filipinos Going to Japan with a Guarantor

japan visa for filipinos2

I can’t believe I am actually making this blog on how to get a visa to Japan. For Filipinos, it’s sad to say that it is sometimes difficult to travel abroad especially when there are documents needed for a desired trip such as ITR, Bank Certificate and Certificate of Employment. Here, I am going to talk about my experience in hoping to help others who wish to go outside of the country.

I traveled in Thailand in 2013 and just this year, April 2015, in Singapore. I had no problem at the immigration with the two trips.

During my first trip, I was nervous just like everybody else. I was asked these.

1. How many days are you going to stay in Thailand?

2. With whom are you travelling?

3. Round trip ticket and hotel reservation

4. What is your job? (then asked for the company ID)

On my second trip which was Singapore, I was asked these:

1. With whom are you travelling?

2. How many days are you planning to stay in Singapore

3. What is your job? (No company ID was asked, just any ID. I showed my PRC ID)

4. With whom did you travel in Thailand 2 years ago and how long did you stay there?

I had searched everywhere however it was hard to find the exact answers I was looking for. This blog is for Filipinos who plan to visit Japan with a guarantor but are UNEMPLOYED, FREELANCER or do NOT have an ITR or Bank Certificate to provide. I do not work for any agency nor the embassy. This is merely from my experience.

My fiance and I had to meet his parents in Japan. Despite the overwhelming requirements, we were very determined to get everything that we needed. We began searching. I read blogs made by Filipinos and so did he but only those that were posted by Japanese. Because of some horror stories people posted online, such as getting offloaded or getting their visa denied, I got major anxiety. The problem was, I couldn’t provide ITR, COE and Bank Certificate right away. So we opt to have a guarantor. Fortunately, my fiance’s father agreed to be my guarantor. It means that he was the one who would “support” my travel expenses and provide the documents we needed from Japan to have a visa.



There is a form you can download (here) OR you may also get it from the accredited agencies (here). It is important that it has the handwritten signature of the guarantor. So no faxing, photocopying or sending through email. In japan they also put a RED STAMP aside from the signature.


This was the document that we missed at first. You won’t be needing this for visa application but at the immigration. They may asked for this. We actually did not know that we would need this. When I got my visa granted, I  checked online about the possible immigration requirements. Although it was not my first time to travel abroad, I had anxiety when I thought of the immigration.  It is not the primary requirement at the immigration since they will only asked for the passport, visa and ticket. However, since I did not have any documents that proved my financial capability for the trip, I needed an authenticated affidavit of support. We couldn’t find any clear explanation on the internet regarding this. I made a blog on how to prepare an authenticated and notarized guarantee letter from Japan. This how I did it. (Click here to read the blog)


NOTE that this is only needed if your guarantor is Japanese BUT if your guarantor is NOT Japanese you he/she will need FOREIGN REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE FROM CITY HALL 

  • Income Certificate from City Hall (SHOTOKU SHOMEISHO), Tax return certificate (NOUZEISHOMEISHO: form2) from Tax office, KAKUTEISHINKOKUSHO HIKAE
  • OR Bank Certificate (YOKIN ZANDAKA SHOMEISHO) 

After my guarantor completed the documents I needed, they were sent to us Saturday and received the documents Thursday via EMS (4 DAYS). I tracked the document with the tracking number that was provided to us on the EMS website (click here). I needed to pay 100 pesos but I did not know the reason, I just paid anyway to the postman.

———-MY PART—–—–

visa japan with guarantor no CEO no ITR for Filipinos 6


No broken lamination of the picture and MUST have a signature and at least 2 blank pages.

visa japan with guarantor no CEO no ITR for Filipinos 4

  • NSO Birth Certificate. (ORIGINAL CLEAR COPY)

My mom requested it for me and it was released right away. She paid 145 pesos. If there is no problem with anything you can get it the same day.  You may also request online with a higher price (here)PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE RECEIPT IS IMPORTANT.


I needed to prove the relationship I have with my fiance  through pictures, chats or emails. The dates here are also important.

TIPS : use photos with obvious background not just a blank white boring ones.Choose different types of photos with different locations and clothes. Do not submit solo pictures. For couples, It is not necessary to include pictures of you french kissing or something that is not decent just to prove that your relationship is authentic.


You may opt to make one in English but my fiance made it in Japanese so I did not have to worry about anything. This schedule was just a plan and NOT mandatory to follow exactly what was in it. It is also NOT required to buy a ticket before applying for a visa. Others do, but I do not recommend.You may download the form from here


It was in PDF file but I was able to type my information. You may also print it and just write your information.I downloaded it from here.


I was required to submit a Cenomar (Certificate of Non Marriage) since in the letter if invitation we mentioned that we were planning to get married. This was to make sure that I wasn’t lying about planning to get married and I was really single. My mom also got this for me but you may also request online and download the application form here.

You could also visit the website of embassy of Japan for further details. (click here)


visa japan with guarantor no CEO no ITR for Filipinos 3


We chose Friendship Tours and Resorts Corporation because they were the ones who responded to our email the quickest. They asked for a bit higher processing fee compared to the other agencies. They have Filipino and Japanese staff. They seemed nice and accommodating. A Filipino staff collected our documents and handed them over to a Japanese staff to have it checked. Everything was smooth and easy. Our documents were complete and we’re told that they would call us when the passport was ready to pick up. They asked us whether we wanted it delivered via LBC or picked up from their office. We decided to just have the passport delivered via LBC. (It was not a door to door delivery) We paid a total of ₱2200 (2000 for the processing fee, 200 LBC) I read many blogs saying that most of the time agencies wouldn’t mention anything about the result of the application whether it was denied or approved over the phone. However, when I received  the call that I had been waiting for like, forever, they congratulate me for having my visa granted. ^^ (click here to visit Friendship tours website)

  1. Friday – Submission of the requirements to the agency
  2. Monday – Documents sent to the Embassy
  3. Wednesday – Granted
  4. Thursday – Received via LBC

It was not a good feeling waiting for a visa to be granted. No one wants to waste time, money and effort. The suspense was killing me. I literally couldn’t get a good sleep. So when I finally got a call from them 5 days after I handed my requirements to them. I felt like I heard angels singing from my back. YAY! visa granted!

japan visa for filipinos


There are some cases when Filipinos are in fact get offloaded due to different reasons. Usually, Philippine passport holders traveling to Japan are just asked to present the following: passport, visa, round trip ticket. letter of invitation authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consul is going to be asked by the IO if a Filipino traveler is qualified for a secondary inspection. Please read the blog about authenticated letter of invitation to know the details. The link is above.

I hope this has been helpful.

Have fun in Japan!


 UPDATE: We are married!^^


358 thoughts on “Visa for Filipinos Going to Japan with a Guarantor

  1. Hi binibining cinnamon. I’m happy for you. My boyfriend just got denied last thursday. Sobrang heartbroken po kami lalo na may anak kami na kasama ko ngayon dito sa japan. Nilagay nmin sa purpose is para mavisit nya anak nya pero dahil dito pinanganak anak namin hindi sya nakasulat sa birth certificate as father kaya pictures lang ang proof namin. Kaya next time apply ulit kami as fiancé na. Ask ko lang ano format ng proof of relationship na nilagay nyo po? I mean 1 per picture per page po tska ilang conversations? Ang dami kasi 10 years mahigit na po kami. hindi ko po alam saan magsisimula. Salamat in advance!


  2. Hi po Miss Binibining cinnamon,
    Tanong ko lang po kung Hindi ba issue dun sa form na finil up ko na wrong spelling po ako dun sa sight seeing Bali kulang po ng isang letter yong seeing ko. Possible ba na ma denied yong visa ko dahil lng sa wrong spelling ako.
    Sana masagot po ninyo Salamat po


  3. Hi po ulit Miss., gano po katagal ang process ng visa? Kasi 5days na po ngayon Hindi parin ako natawagan possible ba na denied yong result?


  4. Hello po miss, nag apply po ako ng visit visa japan with guarantor, naghihintay nlang po ako sa result. If ever ma approved po siya Ilang months or days ba ang tagal ng visa? Pwedi ko pa ba siya magamit next year? At tsaka po Ano ang mga posibling requirements ng immigration po? Pwedi ba na guarantee letter lng at invitation letter lng ang dadalhin ko with hanko lng po xa. Tsaka kailangan ba na English yong guarantee at invitation letter na ibibigay ko sa immigration? Hope masagot nyo po. Salamat


  5. hellow po gusto ko po sana pa advice mag aaply po ako ng short term visa with guarantor pero kinabahan ako kasi wla akong trabaho na maging strong evidence na ako po ay babalik possible po ba na ma deny po ako sa immigration?


    1. Hi Maricel, as long as u have a return ticket, u should be fine. Make sure u secure an authenticated affidavit of support after u get ur visa in case they ask for it at the immigration upon departure. U should also be confident when they ask u questions like, where will u stay, with whom, what is ur purpose and how long will u stay in Japan. Good luck.


  6. Hi binibining cinnamon,

    Finally, my visa with guarantor got approved. 🙂 now i’m anxious about japan immigration~ Do you mind if i ask, what were the questions did the io ask you and did present any docs to them (scanned docs that your bf-now-husband sent for your visa application)

    Thank you!


  7. I applied for visa with a guarantor but still was denied and we we’re not educated about if i want to stay for more than 15 days that we should put 30days is there any way that i can appeal for this?


    1. Hi MARK, Im sorry u got ur visa denied. u can’t really do anything about it for now. You just need to wait 6 months as far as I remember in order to apply again for visa with a guarantor.

      I don’t think it’s the number of days is the issue. One time I applied for a 15 day visa but I got 3 month pass.

      It could be about ur guarantor not being able to provide sufficient documents or the minimum tax required or other issues. It could be insufficient proof of relationship or lack of documnts on ur behalf. The agency sometimes miss out small details that could impact the result of the application big time. Good luck!


  8. Hi Ms. Cinnamon. I don’t know if it had been asked to you. I didn’t read all the comments kasi.. 🙂 I’m planning to visit my brother in Japan this 2019 during the golden week and I will stay there for 10 days. Since I’m not confident about my financial capacity, I’m planning to have my brother be my Guarantor. Now, my questions are the following:

    1) My brother was just staying in Japan for 2 and half years, will it affect the visa application?
    2) Does my brother need to have huge amount of money in his bank account? Or a stable job will do? As long as he can support my stay there.
    3) I am also considering my brother’s father-in-law to be my guarantor since he’s already a Japanese citizen, will the requirements needed be the same?
    4) If I’m going to have a guarantor, do I still need to submit bank certificates or any document that can prove my financial capacity.

    Thank you for your help.


    1. u wont need ur own bank cert or itr.Bank cert OR ITR will come from ur guarantor. Ur brother can support u but u need a proof theat u will be going back to the phils like school enrollment paper, certifcate of emplyment, etc. whoever ur guarantor maybe, u need to submit docs that will prove ur relationship with them. May it be pictures, emails and birth certfcates. Good luck!


  9. Hello miss cinnamon! Divorce na ako sa asawa kong hapon may bf ako Brazilian residents sya sa japan mag 3 years na kami naka 2 times na din sya umuwi dito sa pinas plan nya ko invite kasi nagkasakit sya nainflamed yung back column nya gusto nya irequest sana 90 days tourist visa sakin possible Kaya mabigyan ako ng visa pwede ba yung reason ako mag aalaga sa kanya?at ok Lang ba kahit use ko pa din last name ng asawa kong hapon dati gang ngayon sa passport ko?meron na rin ako divorce paper from city sa japan isa sama ko ba yun sa requirements pag apply ng tourist visa? Ok naman tax ng bf ko at may work din sya salary income.. ok na ba 50 lapad zokin zandaka nya as 90 days.. thankyou onegai shimasu ..


  10. Hello Miss, translated po ba yung income certificate from Japanese to English? At pwd po ba ang Letter of Invitation is notarized from Philippine Embassy in Japan? I need your help po. Maraming salamat!


  11. Hi, binibiningcinnamon!
    I am planning on visiting Japan for about 6 weeks for touring and at the same time to visit my Filipina girlfriend who is currently a post-graduate student in Japan. My dilemma is whether it would be better to indicate her as my inviter or not. Note that I will be financing my entire trip myself so she will not shoulder any of the expenses. What would your advice be?
    Also, why do you say it is not advisable to purchase a roundtrip ticket beforehand?


    1. Its not necessary to mention she’s inviting u coz all docs and expenses are from u. U can say u r meeting her though. If u couldnt get the visa, its a total waste of money buying ticket in advance but if u r 99 percent sure u would be able to get ur visa granted, u may opt to buy one or two. Good luck!


  12. Hi! I’ve been planning to go to Japan this april through “Visiting a relative” visa with a guarantor which is my fiance. He has a stable job for 4 yrs now and a good bank statement and tax compliant. By the way, my guarantor is a Filipino whose a Permanent Resident in japan and has been staying there for 8 yrs now. My question is, will I be granted a 90-day stay in Japan? most of my research say it will, but only for relatives and not like me whose a fiance. our plan is to actually get married there. Planning to stay longer because of the preparation for the wedding, have more time spent with him (honeymoon)^_^ and his family. any advice please? and do we still have to prepare that affidavit of support you mentioned?By the way, I’m a first time japan visa applicant. Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Carla, as long as ur fiance has stable job for years, even if it’s 3 months, U may be able to get ur visa granted. I don’t recommnd being honest about the wedding in Japan. You can still do it but just be consistent with ur ‘reason’ in ur letter that it’s pure ‘travel/vacation’ It’s also possible to be honest but you may need to submit more documents. You should also prepare a CENOMAR upon visa application. Good luck!


  13. Hello po,meron po akong Japanese boyfriend, anf he is inviting me to go japan. Sa relationship status po,girlfriend or boyfriend po Ba iisusulat ? Please reply po.salamat


  14. Hi po may tanong lng po ako, ako po ay half japanese and naging japanese citizen na po ako after ko naging bago po ako mag 18 nag punta na po ako ng japan, tatay ko po nagayus ng papel papunta (japanese po sya) kaya lng wala na po sya (2010 pa po) ung nanay ko may bagong asawa po. May work po ako (already 7years working in japan) may kapatid pa po ako 2 sa pinas na naiwan na gus2 mag work d2 sa japan, Maari ko po ba kunin sila d2 sa japan and mag work sila? pano po procedure? sana ma2lunangan nyo po ako


  15. Hello po.
    Ask ko lang po 15days ksi mdalas nila ibigay. Pero nilagay ksi ng Bf ko. 1month sa Daily Schedule.
    Pde kaya yun? Pano kung wla pa Ticket ano illagay sa Visa application?


  16. hi po!ask ko lng po mka invite po ba ang asawa ng ate ko khit dipa po xa permanent sa japan?pero kasal na cla n iate bale xa po kc ang my work ngaun c ate wla pa then ung tax nya po gamitin and xa din po ang mag guarantor saaken po and xa din po ung gagawa ng invitation letter ung brother in law ko po?ma grant po ba ang visa or mabigyan kya ako ng visa kong ung invitee or sponsor hndi naman permanent and naga renew lng xa ng visa every 3 yrs po?please reply po thank u


    1. Hi, kung sino ang may work or income sya ang pwedeng mag guarantor. I Cannot guarantee that ur visa will be granted to u bcoz it really depends on the embassy. ung invitation letter kc pwed naman ung ate mo gumawa kc isusulat lng un o itatype but it needs the signature of the guarantor/invitor. Good luck!

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Good day binibining cinnamon,

    I just want to clarify some things, and ask advice. Actually we have the same situation po. Ang father po ng fiancee ko ang magiging Guarantor ko. Pero I’m a bit confused po kung sino ang gagawa ng invitation letter. Pwede po ba na ang fiancee ko ang gagawa ng invitation letter? So kumbaga, ang Fiancee ko ang nag-invite sakin pero father nya ang guarantor?

    I already went to Japan this March po (visa without guarantor), I was able to see his family pero saglit lang, so ang gusto ng fiancee ko, i would spend some time with his family and plan about our wedding sa Pinas, probably next year. We have pictures together with his father and family. So regarding the proof of relationship, should it be pictures/chats with me and my fiancee, or me and his father, who is the guarantor?

    I hope you can enlighten me po. Thank you


  18. Hello po. I’d like to ask yung guarantor ko po is Foreign citizen and magmemeet lang kami sa Japan then we will just be there for a week kasi we will just spend Christmas Vacation tyaka 21 yrs old lang po ako and never been to other countries pa, mataas po ba yung possibilities na madeny ako? We’ve meet already twice here in the Philippines pero this time sa Japan sana meet up namin. Then the same lang po ba ang requirements na ecocomply ko like invitation letter, ITR and etc.? Thank you in advance po.


  19. Hi binibiningcinnamon,

    What if our guarantor is a corporation? Do they need to put the full name/date of birth/age of the representative? Or is that N/A?


  20. Hi have you encountered any stories of a longer waiting period for the release of visa result? We are patiently waiting for more than 9 days. My friend will go to Korea (5 days from now) and her passport is still in embassy. 😥


  21. Hi! Thanks for having a helpful blog.

    I was granted for visiting visa for 15 days only previously. This time, I’m planning to apply for a visiting visa sponsored by my boyfriend again and his sister for “90 days”.

    1. I’ve read some blogs, mostly ang mga na gagrant ng 90 days ay visiting relatives, wedding invitation, medical treatment lang. Ask ko lang, if okay lang ba mag apply ng 90 days kahit mag boyfriend pa lang kami? Ano ang additional documents?

    2. Anong chance na mag aacept sila if mag request ng 90 days? Mas strikto ba sila kasi mas mataas na days ang irerequest namin?

    3. Sapat na ba ang reason of 90 days, if visiting my boyfriend and his family?

    4. Kailangan ko bang mag submit ng Cenomar din? Mas effective ba if FIANCE instead of boyfriend ang ilalagay ko sa application since may plano naman talaga kaming magpakasal soon.

    Hoping for your response. Thank you!


    1. 3. Sapat na ba ang reason of 90 days, if visiting my boyfriend and his family? or sasabihin naming na magpapakasal kami soon? ano ang mas effective?


    2. they will grant u if they see that they can support ur travel or stay financially. and this time, u should also prepare authenticated affdavit of support (red ribbon) since they wil shouldr everything for 3 months. the IO may question u. another thing is, if u state that u are engaged, its better to get the CFO certificate (half day seminar). this is for fil with foreign partner/ spouse. u will need his info. u may also bring a CENOMAR with u on ur departure day. Good luck!


      1. Hi,
        I have a same situation. I also have a Japanese boyfriend. Now he is in Japan, and in December I will go to Japan. We are now preparing Documents for the visa. My guarantor is his stepdad, but the proble is I don’t have pictures together with this stepdad. Is it okay only government documents that will prove to that?
        And I don’t have that Authenticated Affidavit of Support(Red Ribbon). I apply for 15days only.
        I am still waiting for the documents to arrived sent by my boyfriend.

        I hope you could answer all my questions.

        Thank you so much!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks for your response. Bakit kailangan ng Authenticated of Affidavit Support (Red Ribbon) ang Visa application for 3 months? Necessary ba to? I asked the agency & embassy hindi naman daw. Saan ba to necessary? at Saan makukuha? Ok lang ba hindi mag pass?? Though, I do agree, Invitation letter is required.


  22. Hi, I’m planning to go to Japan for 90 days, kasama ko yung boyfriend ko na Japanese. Possible ba na sya na din guarantor ko? Mahirap ba ma grant yung visa pagka ganon? Thanks.


  23. Hi Miss. I just want to ask po. The 1st time I went to Japan I had a japanese guarantor. He is my friend. my single entry was approved. I sent his docus and my docus too to make sure. He sent me another sets of his docus because He wants me to go back to Japan this coming Dec. But the thing is, When I was at the agency I requested for a multiple entry visa. The agency told me that if I want a multiple visa I should have to submit my own documents because multiple visa is only for a person without any guarantor. So I submitted my own. Question… Di ba mgkkaroon ng discrepancy un since my 1st time I had guarantor tpos ngyn sariling sikap?


    1. Hi, u cant have a guarantor for multiple entry visa. it means, ur own COE and tax. it means u have the financial capability of supporting ur trips to Japan.

      what do u mean discrepancy? it doesnt really matter whether u hav dffrent ways of going to japan. If u had a guarntor berfore, and non the second time, it shouldnt matter as long as all the requirements are met and completed upon submission. Good luck!


  24. hi po hihingi lang po sana ng tulong kasal po ako sa japanese pero wla na po kmeng contact balak ko po kc bumalik s japan pwede ko po ba maging sponsor ang asawa ng pinsan na japanese para mabigyan ako ng visa


    1. H danica! pwed mo naman syang maging guarantor as long as he pays his taxes and may regular income to prove that he can support ur travel financially. However, despite no contact, u will need to sumbit marriage contract assuming that both of u are not divorced/annulled. Good luck!


  25. Hi Binibiningcinamon!, Matagal na po ako nag babasa sa blog nyo po and marami po akong natutunan.
    may mga concern lang po ako kasi gusto ko rin ma rining ang advice nyo po.
    we are planning to get 90 days tourist visa with guarantor for my girlfriend.
    I am japanese citizen and i can provide her a visa, meron akong shotokushoumeisho but nouzeishoumeisho ko po is zero yen (kasi 1 year pa lang po ako nag tatrabaho), and matakot po ako baka ma deny kasi sufficient ang reason for her staying 90 days (may na basa rin kasi po ako na ang reason for tourist visa is to getting married is not good). kaya naisipan ng papa ko po na siya nalang raw magiging guarantor sa girlfriend ko since their family is also our family friend. makapag provide ng lahat ng document po, ang pictures na mag kasama sila is only few (it is okay na kunti lang ?). at reason for invitation is “since family friend namin siya at marami siyang na itulong sa amin gusto ko pong ipa pasyal sa japan (90 days)” (eto na reason for invitation po ba sapat na ba?) or sabihin na gusto ng papa ko na dito sa japan kami mag pakasal ang i reason.
    Also nag tatrabaho po yung gilfriend ko po maganda po ba na i sali sa pag process ng Visa ang prof of employment niya ? (marami po kasi ako na basa na if may proof raw na education or employment plus point rin kasi may gurantee na uuwi yung may binigyan ng visa)

    Pasensya na po sa mahabang pag tatanong, but thank you very much for this blog, marami po kayong natulongan. keep it up ! 🙂


    1. hi iwamoto! i dont recmnd na include mo na magpapakasal kayo sa japan. although u can try processing there. there are certains documnts that u will need to prepare and could take more or less than 3 months. Ur father can be the guarantor. dont worry. it’s also an advantage on her part if she shows proof that she is emplyed. it only proves that she has the intention of coming back. since u r planning to get married, better mention that she is ur fiance not girlfriend. Good luck!


  26. Hello miss. I’d like to ask about the affidavit of support. I am going to travel with my mom this year and she will be my guarantor for my trip. I am a fresh grad and still about to take the board next year. After we get the affidavit sa notary public, is that it? Or kailangan pa isubmit sa embassy? Please help. Thank you.


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